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V2 Migration

We are happy to report that the migration from Reflex V1 to V2 has been completed successfully. Any holders that did not manually migrate via the dApp have been automatically airdropped the same amount of V2 tokens that they held in V1.

If you have not done so already, please add the new Reflex Finance V2 contract address to your wallet so you will be able to view the new V2 tokens that have been airdropped to you:


In the event that you did not receive your V2 air-drop, you are encouraged to message a moderator or admin on our official channels and they will investigate the matter personally.
Reflex Finance


was founded to pursue one specific goal

Making the crypto space safer for everyone while creating wealth for its holders through stable passive BUSD rewards along the way.

This is why we focus on the development of high-volume utilities which all feature unique safety features that aim to change the industry by setting new standards for secure crypto investment.

$RFX, our native token, is a hyper deflationary reflection token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. It is based on an innovative liquidity generating protocol with additional staking opportunities. It successfully launched February 5th, 2022 and paid out over $1 million in reflections to its holders within the first 48 hours.
The transaction tax for $RFX is 15% on all buys and sells. In phase one, 8% of those taxes are redistributed to all token holders in stable $BUSD. The remaining 7% ensures the progress of the project by covering for marketing, utility development, and the automatic buyback and burn feature. In the second phase, the redistribution to shareholders increases to 10% of the total volume.

Our core leadership is fully doxxed and regularly represents Reflex Finance on public occasions. All their team tokens are vested and can never be sold. As such, the team is only paid in $BUSD reflections. Transparency and integrity are commanding values at Reflex Finance and they have earned us the trust of one of the most incredible communities in crypto: the Reflex Legion!



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